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Welcome to the first issue of the We’re Fucked Report. This will be a weekly look at the events that are destroying the world through the eyes of the Burdock Collective – Midwest Root.

This is meant to be a participatory project – that means we need your input. Please post relevant links in the comments. There is a good chance we will use your links in the next issue. If you don’t feel like posting you can always email us burdockmidwest at (eliminate the spaces and use the @ sign.

Let us know if you are interested in this project or the Burdock Collective – Midwest Root.

Change is not about claiming – as anarchists – to oppose the state while ignoring the fact that this hypercomplex global setup couldn’t function for a day without many levels of government. – John Zerzan

Natural Disasters

Sun Goes Longer than Normal Without Producing Sunspots
“The sun has been laying low for the past couple of years, producing no sunspots and giving a break to satellites.”

Natural Hazards
“Earth scientists around the world use NASA satellite imagery to better understand the causes and effects of natural hazards.”

Iowa Flood Watch 2008
Iowa flood news, pictures, and stories.

Battling California Wildfires
“Governor Orders 2,000 Additional CA National Guard Ground Forces to Fight California Wildfires” That’s the Governator to you.

Endangered Species Information System
I wonder why they are endangered.


IndyMac in Second Largest Bank Collapse in US History; IndyMac Seized by U.S. Regulators Amid Cash Crunch
“IndyMac Bank’s assets were seized by US federal regulators on Friday after the mortgage lender succumbed to the pressures of tighter credit, tumbling home prices and rising foreclosures.” Now’s a good time to learn about the banking industry(pdf). Also check out What Has Government Done to Our Money?

Colombia “Free Trade” Deal
Elites and their media overlook pile of corpses in quest for profits

2008 Update, pt. 1; 2008 Update, pt. 2
Glenn Allport explains.

No Panic on Main Street in U.S. Mortgage Crisis
The ruling class is loving every minute of this.

Wishful Thinking
Of course we’d still be stuck with a destructive industrial complex.

IMF Finally Knocks on Uncle Sam’s Door
Abolish the damn thing and we’d all be better off.


Trailing Edge Technologies
“One of the worst of the booby traps built into the contemporary mythology of progress, it seems to me, is the notion that the way out of any difficulty is to keep moving the way we are already going, and do it faster. It may seem obvious that if you’ve gone down a blind alley, the only way out begins by shifting into reverse, but it takes very little attention to the current political scene to notice that this bit of common sense is far from common just now.”

Wake Up, America. We’re Driving Toward Disaster.
Column by James Howard Kunstler

Autism and Diet
It’s not natural.

World Clock 2008
Fascinating and disturbing.

Nanny State

SWAT Team Suits Up for Recruitment Video
Feel safe?

Police State USA: Spying as Law of the Land
Column by Larry Chin

Green Scare News
Keep up to date on the State’s repressive behavior.



  1. i love the world clock. i downloaded it to my desktop. maybe a section on ways to soften the collapse of the global-techno-industrial-state-based capitalist system. also, i think that the food crisis might deserve it’s own “section.” some links could include:,8599,1717572,00.html


    and finally;

    p.s. i love the phrase: “nanny state”; very chomskyan

  2. I agree that the food crisis deserves it’s own section. That will happen in the next issue. Another expansion will be a positive, educational link. A few names are bouncing around right now, we’ll see what happens!

    Spread the word about this blog. Perhaps we can make it grow and have more frequent updates.

  3. hey midwestlentil, the blue theme was more visually appealing!

  4. economic meltdown:

    foreign companies buying us companies:

    fucked environment:

    $5/gallon gas:

    dead-end solutions:

    crazed extropians (another dead end):

    another dead-end:

    problems compounding one-another:

    we’re fucked and it’s only getting worse 😦

    oh yeah i was thinking a section on christian fundys and other whack-jobs who think god or whoever’s time is coming and the apocalypse is upon us. and a way to answer the stupidity.

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