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All human societies go through fads in which they temporarily either adopt practices of little use or else abandon practices of considerable use. – Jared Diamond

Natural Disasters

Earthquake Hits LA – But It’s Not the Big One

Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada

Is World’s Wettest Place Getting Drier?

“The town of Cherrapunjee, in the north-eastern Indian state of Meghalaya, is reputed to be the wettest place in the world.” But not for long. . .

Hurricane Watch Posted for TX Coast

“Tropical Storm Cristobal moves further off the Atlantic coast while a strengthening Tropical Storm Dolly heads toward the Texas – Mexico border” Living in the Midwest is comforting. . .

June 2008 Midwest Floods


Many Apathetic to Hurricane Threat

The orange alert from the Department of Homeland Security is way more important. . .

Human Disasters

Death of Free Internet is Imminent

I’m not as hopeful as some when it comes to the internet. While it has it’s advantageous, it has effects very similar to the television. That is, the new opiate of the masses!

Cape Cod Patient Test for Mad Cow Disease

No comment.

The National Wilderness Preservation System

It is not in good shape.


Merrill Lynch Reports $4.9 Billion Loss

“Nation’s largest brokerage suffers its fourth-straight quarterly loss, confirms plans to sell Bloomberg stake for $4.43 billion.” I thought the economy was improving. . .

Blackstone Risks Hedge Fund Returns as LBO Loans Fade

See, we are fucked.

Debt capitalism Self-Destructs

Debt is dangerous. In fact, it is not much different than voluntary slavery.

Gold Futures Rise as Crude Oil Climbs

Commodities and precious metals are the way to go.

More Bank Failures!

Financial authorities in Washington spent last week securing a rescue deal for two insolvent mortgage lenders in Nevada and California amid the latest signs that America’s banking crisis is deepening.

The collapse of the two banks, which had combined assets of about $3.6 billion (£1.8 billion),- came as a senior financial regulator told The Times that there was no end in sight for the crisis gripping the banking industry. On Friday, Washington announced that it had forced the closure of First National Bank of Nevada and First Heritage Bank in California after they had found the first lender to have engaged in unsafe and unsound lending practices that had depleted its capital, and the second to be generally undercapitalised.”

Labor Struggle in a Free Market

“One of the most common questions raised about a hypothetical free market society concerns worker protection laws of various kinds.”

Nanny State

Feds Look to Tighten Laws Requiring Truckers to Speak English

Manuel Castillo was driving a truck through Alabama hauling onions and left with a $500 ticket for something he didn’t think he was doing: speaking English poorly.”

The Conservative Nanny State

Free eBook.

Bush Approves Execution of Army private

They even kill their henchmen.

Main Core: New Evidence Reveals Top Secret Government Database Used in Bush Spy Program

How else will they know what’s best for you?

Man Arrested for Shooting Lawnmower

This would be comical if it weren’t so angering.

Senator Stevens Indicted on Corruption Charges

Of course he makes the rules that we have to follow.


Whose harvest? The Politics of Organic Seed Certification

Millions of farmers around the world practice organic agriculture and over a billion people get most of their food from these farms.

Foreign Aid and CARP Extension

Opponents of extending the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) insist that we suspend land redistribution and focus assistance on the farmer households that have received land under the program. We argue that it is not a question of land redistribution versus support. The challenge is how to effectively assist land reform beneficiaries while completing land redistribution.”

Stop Fucking Yourself

Homegrown Evolution

Do it for the children. . .if no for yourself.



  1. The Burdock Collective has grown a new root! The Appalachian Root. According to one website:
    “In the Appalachian woods of North America, burdock was, and still is, made into root tea”


    p.s. the “automatically generated” possibly related posts are right-on!

  2. Burdock was chosen because it is a hardy plant that grows wildly. It has many uses including tea. Of course you can also eat the root.

    Here’s more on the Burdock:

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