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Burdock root definitely falls into the “can’t judge a book …” category of vegetables. The humble exterior of the large, dark, woody-looking root belies the sweet, nutty, delicate, crunchy flesh within. Although its bark-like skin looks thick, it is actually tissue-paper-thin, able to be scraped away with a fingernail or light scrubbing. –
Burdock Root by Terra Brockman

Natural Disasters

Studying Volcanoes With Balloons
“People do all kinds of crazy things in Hawaii, but flying balloons over a volcano usually isn’t one of them.” This is quite fascinating. The results from this study may help us gain a deeper understanding to the natural variables of climate change.

Human Disasters

Questions and Answers about Global Warming and Abrupt Climate Change
“Worldwatch has assembled this fact sheet to explain what climate change and global warming are, how these trends affect people and nature, and what people can do to slow warming and climate change.”

Toxic Wastes Alarm in Lagos!
Toxic waste is bad for you. Shocking.

Tolleson Residents Bemoan Waste Facility’s Odor
“Tolleson officials say residents should look elsewhere for the source of their troubles, because the plant meets regulatory standards that allow the release of a minuscule amount of hydrogen sulfide.”

What’s that Stench? It’s Trash Juice
“Toronto, like any big city, has its fair share of reeks. From sewage-treatment plants to abattoirs, there are always local pockets where we deal with the disgusting byproducts of modern life. However, once a week, the bad smells come to us, rising off the pavement in a funky miasma.”

Toxic Sludge Is Good For You
Lies, Damn Lies and the Public Relations Industry


Alabama County is on the Brink of Bankruptcy
“Alabama’s largest county appears headed for the biggest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history, a $3.2 billion mess created by the nation’s credit crunch and a colossal, corruption-riddled sewer project.” Banks, counties. . .what’s next, the US?

No Country for Old Strategies
“The only logical way to describe the gold market’s story over the past two weeks is to refer to plain numbers. Superlatives have become scarce over the last few hours. At the start of last Friday’s session, gold was $100 higher than the lows it hit in the early morning hours today. Two Fridays ago, the metal was quoted at $910 per ounce. This week’s sheer massacre in values will represent the largest such decline in 25 years for the yellow metal.” It’s still a good idea, of course, to have some of your savings invested in precious metals. I also like the New Alternatives Fund.

The Really Really Free Market: Instituting the Gift Economy
Here are pictures from another Really Really Free Market.

Nanny State

Cell Phone Laws
“A jurisdiction-wide ban on driving while talking on a hand-held cellular phone is in place in 6 states (California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Utah, and Washington) and the District of Columbia. Utah has named the offense careless driving. Under the Utah law, no one commits an offense when speaking on a cellphone unless they are also committing some other moving violation other than speeding.”


Alternative Energy Hits the Road
“Anyone who has walked barefoot across a parking lot on a hot summer day knows that blacktop is exceptionally good at soaking up the sun’s warmth. Now, a research team at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) has found a way to use that heat-soaking property for an alternative energy source.” I’ll still hate roads.

Western Medicine

Stop the Killer Horse Hormones
“Estrogen hormones derived from animals have dangerous side-effects. Estriol doesn’t. But the FDA has banned Estriol in favor of the animal derived hormones.” Where would we be without the FDA?


Star Trek Warp Drive is a Possibility, Say Scientists
“Two physicists have boldly gone where no reputable scientists should go and devised a new scheme to travel faster than the speed of light.”

Oh, My

“Bigfoot” fails DNA test
This article made me laugh. The people who found “bigfoot” just happen to sell bigfoot merchandise. Cryptozoology is interesting, but this is silly. For the record, I also like to read Texe Marrs and David J. Smith, so the things I find interesting aren’t always logical and rational.

Stop Fucking Yourself

The Spalding Reading Method
Teach them yourself.


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