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Burdock Collective – Appalachian Root (First Major Contribution)

Human Disasters
A U.S. Navy submarine leaked trace amounts of radioactive water for two years as it made port calls in Japan and other Asian nations, the Navy said Thursday.
Navy says sub leaked radiation since 2006

Russia has accused Georgia of a genocidal plot to cleanse the region of ethnic Ossetians loyal to Russia. Conversely, Georgia accuses Russia of executing a long-planned war with the aim of taking control of the region, which has a key pipeline that carries Asian oil to Black Sea ports.
Georgian breakaway city in ruins

It seems that almost everyday another huge financial company goes under.
ACA Capital Holdings Inc., the bond insurer that lost its investment-grade credit ratings in December, terminated $65 billion in credit-default swap contracts and turned over most of the company to creditors.
ACA Terminates $65 Billion of Credit-Default Swaps

As U.S. regulators brace for more bank failures, consumers are wondering for the first time since the savings-and-loan crisis of the 1980s about the safety of their money.
Bank Failures Have Customers Seeking FDIC

Nanny State
So far, the Olympics have been an open invitation to China-bash, a bottomless excuse for Western journalists to go after the Commies on everything from internet censorship to Darfur. Through all the nasty news stories, however, the Chinese government has seemed amazingly unperturbed. That’s because it is betting on this:
The Olympics: Unveiling Police State 2.0

From the people who brought you the Terri Schiavo spectacle, the stem-cell research stalemate and the atrocious waste of tax money on abstinence-only sex education that has been shown not to work, comes a sequel:
Plan redefines birth control as form of abortion

With just a few months left in office, President Bush is still doing the bidding of social conservatives who oppose women’s reproductive freedoms.
A new attack on birth control

The teaching robots, or, Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) are computer systems that provide personalized instruction and feedback to students without human intervention.
Human remote control may spell end for teachers

A U.S. woman received five puppies Tuesday that were cloned from her beloved late pitbull, becoming the inaugural customer of a South Korean company that says it is the world’s first successful commercial canine cloning service.
Puppies mark birth of commercial pet cloning